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Message posted on : 20-10-2012 (IP logged)

GREAT resoure, learned a lot, many thanks.
Downloaded DVD FAB decrypter, works GREAT!


Message posted on : 28-05-2010 (IP logged)

Thought it is about time we make another film Matt. What you you think


Message posted on : 25-07-2007 (IP logged)

Where is my forum!!!???

Tablet  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 07-01-2007 (IP logged)

I like your site very much indeed.


Message posted on : 22-11-2005 (IP logged)

:laugh: I LOVE MTL. the bathroom scene, so classic
GUTS wasn't so good when I first watched it, but thinking back to how it was made and edited. it's a work of genius!!!
But especially I think this is a great site to find out about all those little, but really important, things about film-making which no other site seems to have!
So cheers for the site, the films, and everything.

dipstick  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 15-10-2005 (IP logged)

congrats a website minus ess haitch one might just persuade me to take the plunge.

Super8mm  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 13-10-2005 (IP logged)

Great resource for other film makers, such as myself. It's so pleasing to know that there are other
people out there trying to be creative with their spare time. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the site.


Message posted on : 28-09-2005 (IP logged)

:thumbup: Savage site with great resources. well done. :cool:

Rachel  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 09-09-2005 (IP logged)

:biggrin: Thank you for this wonderful site!

Peter Trengove  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 03-09-2005 (IP logged)

I thought Hollow Point was brilliant.

2 versions of the same storyline - the 1st being brief and the 2nd with more detail - was an impressive idea.

Continuity error: car reg in the garage - one shot the reg was 'PIG 999', in another brief shot it had the real reg before going back to 'PIG 999'.

Was the NCP sign real or was that an effect also? I'm guessing it's an effect, but can't really tell.

Have you entered this film in any competitions?

I've been waiting some time to watch this and has been worthwhile.

Keep up the good work.

Webmaster Comment Webmaster comment : Thanks for the comments. The carpark did have an NCP sign on it but I re-did it as an effect to make it bigger and more noticeable. The car number plate thing was a mistake. Just didn't notice during editing :)

Haven't entered it in any competitions as many of them seem to have quite strict run time limits.

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