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Message posted on : 27-08-2003 (IP logged)

Great site.... I just watched Meet The Locals and found it was a great amateur production. Good luck on Hollow Point. If it's anything like your last two films, it'll be great

daniel  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 05-08-2003 (IP logged)

hey i love this site i visit it when i can......could u e-mail me when the how to make bullet hits come in thanks

Ian Hannaford  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 30-07-2003 (IP logged)

Thanks for the cheap way to make fake blood. All the American sites use karo-syrup and I have no clue where to get it. So thanks again for all the cool ideas!

Alex  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 14-07-2003 (IP logged)

Ur website iz sooo kewl

Anne AML Productions  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 06-07-2003 (IP logged)

Great looking website. Your films look kewl and I'm VERY impressed by the covers for your films. Can't wait to see the contents! Check out my site sometime.

scott wharram  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 26-05-2003 (IP logged)

this is a great sit. its given me some realy good ideas for my fim making. when are you going to add the gun shot to body thing. thanks. scozza :)

Chris Wright

Message posted on : 16-03-2003 (IP logged)

I've noticed that your summary of tips doesn't include the gem "don't run around with replica firearms setting off smoke grenades on public estates where people are likely to call out an armed response unit". This I feel is invaluable advice to amateur directors everywhere and possibly not immediately obvious to everyone.

Chris Wright  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 16-03-2003 (IP logged)

Matt, Pete just linked me to your site, nice work mate, I'll get around to viewing the rest of the site and downloading the films sometime soon I hope, at last, my very own copy of GUTS? Deep Joy! :-)

Pete Jewell

Message posted on : 14-03-2003 (IP logged)

Laughed my tits off. Glad to see that this kind of behaviour is still alive and presented with style. Keep it going or I'll come over there and talk to you.

steven spielburg

Message posted on : 04-03-2003 (IP logged)

Great job you guys! Your work really is amazing. Thanks for all the tips. I will be using them in my upcoming movie, "Small Town". Catch you on the flip side

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