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Welcome to the Photo Gallery.
Please browse the collections of photos below!
1st Matt Hawkins Film Convention1st Matt Hawkins Film Convention (8 photos)
Photos from the 1st Matt Hawkins Film Convention held in Bristol.
Car Camera MountCar Camera Mount (24 photos)
Photos of my DIY camcorder car mount used to film the car chase in Hollow Point.
Fake Brick PropFake Brick Prop (6 photos)
A sponge house brick for throwing at cars and windows!
GUTS CreditsGUTS Credits (7 photos)
Stills from the GUTS end credit sequence
GUTS PhotosGUTS Photos (37 photos)
Photos from GUTS
GUTS StillsGUTS Stills (54 photos)
Stills from GUTS
Hollow Point PremiereHollow Point Premiere (36 photos)
Photos from the Hollow Point Premiere in Bristol
MTL PhotosMTL Photos (37 photos)
Photos from MTL

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