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Jason Miller  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 20-08-2004 (IP logged)

Hey, I like your site.

Jason Miller

Mugu Man  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 16-08-2004 (IP logged)

Good Site Keep It UP im Here guys for mugusoooooooooooooooooooooo

Epsilon  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 15-08-2004 (IP logged)

HEY MATT! After all this time I never realized MattHawkins Online had a Guestbook. I know I am late in the game, but here I am signing it! Woohoo! See you in the forum!

jr  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 07-08-2004 (IP logged)

cool site

Meho Gepaht  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 31-07-2004 (IP logged)

Great site!

Greg Cowles  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 30-07-2004 (IP logged)

yeh my web site is, if ya'll wanna check it out. i think the pics on the tuts page are quite amazin, sign my guestbook and tell me wat ya fink, k

Navin  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 28-07-2004 (IP logged)

Love your site-- keep up the good work!

soundwiz  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 22-07-2004 (IP logged)

hey guys i love the site , i have try to log in but it wont let me log in what can i do to fix it ??. i am studing cert4 in screen (flim) in australia.

Manfred Lipowski  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 21-07-2004 (IP logged)

Super... very good Design!
I like it.

Best Regards


Daniel  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 17-07-2004 (IP logged)

Absolutely brilliant website! Although one problem, when you go to

it shows the directory of all your cgi guestbook files, anyone could nick the code of your guestbook and use it on their website.

To fix problem: Put an index page in every single folder that says 'access forbidden' or something like that.

Just to save your guestbook from been used on someone elses site :-)

Regards, Daniel

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