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Tamara  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 14-07-2004 (IP logged)

Awesome site!

Skelly 10

Message posted on : 02-07-2004 (IP logged)

Have a listen, click the quarter-sized pic in each song for a lo-fi taste, and thanks...,4675,g0r0l0t0o0i799789,FF.html

cswellz  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 16-06-2004 (IP logged)

definatley one of my favourite sites for this king of stuff, keep up the good work!


Message posted on : 14-06-2004 (IP logged)

Hello my name is Simon and I have studied Film and Media for three years. Your film "G.U.T.S" was interesting with a good use of technical post-production concepts and editing. The idea, if a little hackneyed, was portrayed well and was belivable, to an extent. The one criticism and flaw with the production was the unfortunate ability of the acting. One tip would be to concentrate on the little details that add essential relaism, such as your terrorists advancing in a formation and holding their weapons in the correct manner. Also the cheese dial could of been turned down a notch with your "Starsky and Hutch"-esque protagonists. Apart from that I enjoyed the film. Well done. I will soon have my films-"Ranzo in the Woods" and "Heads will Roll" online if you care to take a look, I shall let you know when.


Message posted on : 12-06-2004 (IP logged)

HAHAHAHAH! I am evil!

Brandon  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 16-05-2004 (IP logged)

Hey this website is the greatest,i came hear after looking for howto make a action movie,it's really fun to see 3 teenagers kicking ass,and doing things never done before,i am writting a schipt today(may,21,2004)thanks to your site i can make my action movie be the best i just got to wait,cause of this new camcorder i want for my birth day,anyway thanx


Message posted on : 14-05-2004 (IP logged)

hey, great site, SUPERB films, you guys are true filmmakers, i have been makin short films until now, i have more ideas for a full length film, it'll be very Tarentino style! lol
anyways, Faboulous site

Jared Costa  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 14-05-2004 (IP logged)

I really think that this site is great & would have be the best ever on making a movie! Well I hope all you other uses are having fun

heath  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 06-05-2004 (IP logged)

this site rocks. thanks matt and contributors.

Andy (film fanatic)  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 06-05-2004 (IP logged)

This guestbook has been here for so long!!! And I've never signed it!! I'm ashamed :$

Anyways, MTL was amazing! Twice as good as GUTS (it was a huge improvement, the best thing about GUTS was the infamous line "Don't Plan Ahead Bucko ;))

So, I will now religiously sing:

Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.
Meet The Locals was amazing.

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