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Tom  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 13-12-2004 (IP logged)

thanks a lot for the premiere tutorials! i never knew what luminace etc was, now gun flashes/shells are muchous easier!!!

i'm making a film called Krimson City, and your help was very much appreciated! thanks again.  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 12-12-2004 (IP logged)

Go to my site (better than this Matt Hawkins crap!)

My AIM; Daveyonwoodland

Webmaster Comment Webmaster comment : I was going to delete this message but having looked at your site I can't help but laugh. Your site is rubbish. It looks crap, its got tacky background music (which you cant even get to work), no content and it is hosted on some crappy free host. I can't believe you wanted to advertise it. How embarrassing ... in fact by visiting your site I have just doubled its yearly hit rate. Go and build a decent site and maybe we won't piss ourselves laughing when we visit it.

nnamdi  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 01-12-2004 (IP logged)

matt this is outstanding!!!! i really wish to speak to you directly because im just starting out and need expert guidance.pls email me

Webmaster Comment Webmaster comment : Thanks, but I'm already up to my eyeballs in money laundering scams ...

Lasitha  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 25-11-2004 (IP logged)

very useful stuffs


Message posted on : 20-11-2004 (IP logged)

Very good wesite !

Webmaster Comment Webmaster comment : I need to start going to the gym ...

Sarah  Email Message Author

Message posted on : 12-11-2004 (IP logged)

Nice site!

Mariana  Email Message Author  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 05-11-2004 (IP logged)

Good site. Nice!


Message posted on : 05-11-2004 (IP logged)

As so many others have said, you've got a nice Website here, Matt. And thanks for sharing your knowledge (and fx files) with those of us starting out!


Message posted on : 23-10-2004 (IP logged)

Nice website, would you care to visit mine and make a contribution

Webmaster Comment Webmaster comment : err no thanks.

Webmaestro  Website of Message Author

Message posted on : 18-10-2004 (IP logged)

Very nice and useful website Matt. Please visit my new website!!! :)

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