How To Make Pirate Cocktail Stick Flags and Door Hangers  

by Matt Hawkins, 08/06/2011
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This guide explains how to make small pirate cocktail stick flags for use at a party. Not quite film related but you'll need them for all your premiere parties! If you've got a small child these are essential for birthday parties.

First step is to download the PDF file linked to below. It contains two pages.

Double Sided
Page 1 is suitable if you can print to both sides of a piece of paper. The flags are centred so should line up.

- print page 1 onto both sides (either using a duplex function or by manually reinserting the paper back into the printer)
- hold the sheet up to the light to check flags on both sides align
- cut out the 18 flags
- pierce and thread each flag onto a cocktail stick

Single Sided
Page 2 is suitable if you can only print onto one side or the doubled flags aren't aligned after printing.

- print page 2
- cut out the six flags
- fold along the join
- glue onto cocktail sticks

Pirate Door Hangers

While you are planning a pirate themed party you might as well check out my Pirate Door Hangers. Simply print or stick onto thin card, cut out and hang from a door handle.

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