How To Make Fake Blood, Scabs And Flesh  

by Matt Hawkins, 01/07/2007
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This page describes a few methods for making fake blood, scabs and flesh.

Fake Blood Recipe

Materials :

- old mixing bowl
- 1 cup of golden syrup
- 1 tblsp of red food colouring
- 1 tsp of yellow food colouring
- 1 tblsp of water

Steps :

- Mix it all together. Simple as that!
- You can add blue or green food coloring you can make different shades of blood - vein and artery blood.

Notes :
- Adding more or less water will change the consistency of the final blood. How much water you add depends on the effect you are trying to achieve.

(Thanks to Richard Machle for the use of the photo)

Fake Scabs

Using 50/50 water and unflavored gelatin. Just smear the stuff on the skin, but work quickly because it hardens really fast and won't stick anymore. It comes out crumbly, and scab-like, some will flake off while you work color onto it, but it'll wash right out of your brushes with warn water. You can also mould gelatin if you use the same mixture but heat it until it melts.

Notes :

- Don't let the gelatin boil because then you'll have bubbles in the final product.
- You can speed up the drying of scabs using a hair dryer, and molds by sticking them in the fridge.
- Gelatin will melt in the hot sun.

Fake Flesh

Materials :

- flour
- corn starch
- white glue (wood glue)

Steps :

- Mix together equal parts of flour and corn starch
- Add glue and mix until you get a doughy substance.
- Roll out this dough to end up with a slab of 'skin'.

Notes :

- As this stuff dries you can bend it and the surface will crack and look more realistic.
- After a couple of hours it dries hard (and shrinks a little bit) but looks the same, then you can paint it with normal paint.

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