Build A Cheap Camera Dolly For Your Camcorder  

by Matt Hawkins, 08/11/2010
Categories : Props & Equipment

A camera dolly is a piece of equipment that allows you to move the camera in a single smooth movement. It usually consists of a wheeled trolly that moves over a surface or along some sort of track layout. Using a track gives you a smooth, predicable surface that you can layout over rough ground.

You can obviously buy professional kit but what can you do with a low budget?

There are plenty of ways to create a cheap dolly system using easily available hardware. Often the hardest component to obtain is the wheels. The other parts are available from most hardware shops or your own shed/garage.

$30 Camera Dolly is the Quickest, Most Useful Ikea Hack I've Seen in a While

How to Make a Camera Dolly

DIY PVC Table/Skater Dolly For Video Photography

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