Concorde Returns To Filton (2003)  

by Matt Hawkins, 26/11/2003
Categories : Matts Films

Genre : Misc Run Time : 4 minutes

Summary : On 26th November 2003 Concorde returned to Filton Airfield in Bristol, England. The airfield played a vital role in the development of Concorde and was home to many of the engineers who designed and built her.

Thousands of people assembled around Bristol for this final flight.

The last Concorde to roll off the production line was designated G-BOAF. BAE SYSTEMS and Airbus UK have constructed a vistors centre which allows people to come and visit this wonderful aircraft now located on Filton Airfield.

Below is a link to a short collection of clips I filmed while standing by the runway on this historic day.

Download : Concorde Returns To Filton (2003)
(3.6Mb, 3 minutes 50 seconds, Windows Media v9, 128kbs)

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