MattHawkins Film Convention 2004  

by Matt Hawkins, 24/07/2004
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We all met up at the Pitcher and Piano on the Waterfront in the centre of Bristol.

David Garmston from the BBC was spotted with a film crew attempting to crash the convention without a ticket. Sorry David. No ticket, no admission. Brent got a photo of the cameraman. Dave confirmed the identity of the BBC anchorman by shouting out his name. Mr Garmston turned around briefly and gave a nervous smile. He knew his game was up. No more pretending he was just there filming a local news article.

At some point Dave's friends, Jason and Lyndon, became aware that Dave had been happily sticking his camcorder footage of them on the internet. I'm sure there is worse to come.

We all then moved onto a pub via Brent's van. Dave struggled to wonder why there was no steering wheel ... but after a few minutes had passed he realised it was left hand drive and Brent was infact the driver. This was lucky as Martin wasn't really paying much attention to the road at the time.

The pub was extremely grateful to host the second part of the convention and begged us to stay. Or maybe not !

As Dave, Jason and Lyndon wandered off into the sunset Matt took Brent and Martin back to his house for a cup of tea before Martin's train home. Unfortunately due to a complete lack of planning we only allowed 15 minutes for the 10 mile journey to the train station. As a result Brent kindly offered to drive Martin all the way home.

Despite recent media coverage about meeting people on the internet, not a single convention attendee was murdered or even kidnapped !

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