How To Create A Shockwave In Lightwave 7  

by Matt Hawkins, 20/02/2005
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This article describes how to create a shockwave effect using LightWave 7. Software Used : LightWave version 7 and Adobe Premiere 6

Numeric Box Tools AttributesStep 1

Start Modeller

Bring up the numeric interface (n) and then create a box object (Shift + X).

Enter the attributes shown

Step 2

Enter Polygon selection mode (Ctrl + h)

Select the polygons and then make them double sided

Surface the polygons calling them 'Shockwave'

Numeric Bend Tool AttributesStep 3

Copy the contents of layer 1 to layer 2

Activate the bend tool (Shift + ~)

Enter the attributes shown

Inside the top window, position the mouse below the x-axis and towards the left hand side of the line of polygons. Hold down the left mouse button and slowly move down. The polygons will begin to bend, continue until the Angle reads exactly 360.0°. The polygons now form an annulus.

Whilst the polygons are selected re-centre them using the 'F2' button.

Surface the polygons calling them 'morph'.

Save the objects and close modeller.

Turbulence AttributesStep 4

Start Layout and load the objects

Position the camera so that it is 150 metres above the objects, point directly at them.

Open the surface editor, (Ctrl + F3), and select the surface called 'Shockwave'.

Click on the texture button next to the colour control.

Add a new procedural layer with the attributes as shown.

Position AttributesFalloff Attributes

Blue Line

Gradient Layer AttributesStep 5

Add a gradient layer

Place two points in the gradient with the attributes as shown

Render a frame!

Step 6

Select the annulus object and bring up the item properties dialogue

Select the 'Rendering' tab and set the object dissolve to 100%.

Select the linear object and again with the item properties dialog select the 'Deformations' tab, set the morph amount to 100% and select the annulus object as the morph target.

Render a frame !


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