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by Matt Hawkins, 30/06/2007
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Ian has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). His prowess at 'physical acting' gained him the nickname 'Chimpboy' during the filming of GUTS in Kent. His defining moment was the scene in GUTS where he uttered the imortal words "this is Chaos Clan terrority". He played the role of the kidnap victim in 'MTL' and his latest role in Hollow Point saw him play 'Weasle'. For some unexplainable reason Ian always seems to play characters that lose their trousers at some point during the film!

Oliver has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Oliver's dad allowed us to use his business premises to film the finale to GUTS in which Oliver played the Evil Warlord. It was during this time that Oliver got shot in the head with an air pellet by Ian. This resulted in a trip to Medway Casualty Department (once the scene was completed). Oliver played one of the locals in 'MTL' and had the honour of being turned into a potted plant. Some people doubted whether he could pull off this demanding bit of acting. Download the film and judge for yourself! During 'Hollow' Point Oliver played 'The Boss' alongside Ian's character, 'Weasle'.

Simon has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Simon owned the red Ford Fiesta MkI which we used in 'GUTS'. Simon played one of the GUTS agents alongside Matt and ad-libbed what was to become one of the most famous lines from GUTS ... "Don't plan ahead bucko!". Simon appeared in 'MTL' as one of the locals and survived the alien battle in the finale. 'Hollow Point' saw Simon team up with Matt as a pair of trigger happy cops.

Kuhan has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Kuhan (aka Siv) provided the black VW Polo in GUTS and appeared briefly as a Chaos Clan soldier. He did a fair bit of camera work on 'GUTS' and he is credited with being the first person to spot Ian's potential and giving him the nickname 'Chimpboy'. Siv played the detective in 'MTL' and provided the house and garden used for various scenes. 'Hollow Point' saw Siv return playing the Police Chief in a scene which he filmed in Malaysia and sent to the UK for editing. His girlfriend provided the voice of 'Donna', secretary to the Police Chief.

Phil has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995) and 'Meet The Locals' (2000). He co-wrote the 'GUTS' script with his brother Matt. In 'GUTS' he played an agent alongside Matt and Simon as well as a number of Chaos Clan soldiers. Phil played one of the locals in 'MTL' and helped Simon rip off the arms dealer played by Mark. Phil did not appear in 'Hollow Point' but assisted Matt during some of the car camera mount sequences.

Mark has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Mark drove the gold Montego in GUTS and played a number of Chaos Clan soldiers. Mark played the arms dealer in 'MTL' which saw him bundled into the boot of Matt's car. His cries for help were all the more realistic because we never told him before filming that we were going to lock the boot while Simon drove off into the distance. In 'Hollow Point' Mark plays both the Internal Affairs Officer and 'Dave' the kidnappers' assistant.

Matt has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995), 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Matt co-wrote the script for 'GUTS' with his brother Phil, the script for 'MTL' with Simon and the script for 'Hollow Point' with Adam. In 'GUTS' Matt played an agent alongside Phil and Simon. In one scene he can also be seen playing the Evil Warlord. Matt teamed up with Simon in 'MTL' to dismember Ian's body in the bathroom scene. In 'Hollow Point' Matt played a cop alongside Simon.

Adam has appeared in 'Meet The Locals' (2000) and 'Hollow Point' (2005). Adam joined the team during the filming of 'MTL' in 1999 and played the role of the Royal Airforce Officer. He co-wrote the script to 'Hollow Point' in which he played the role of Daniel Stevenson who is kidnapped by the characters played by Oliver and Ian.

Serena appeared for the first time in 'Hollow Point' (2005) as a female terrorist. She constructed the briefcase bomb which had devastating consequences for one of the other characters.

Bob The StuntmanBob The Stuntman
Bob has appeared in 'GUTS' (1995) and 'Meet The Locals' (2000). He was the only non-human member of the crew but was definitely the best actor. He performed a number of dangerous acts on set including leaping from a bridge and getting run over. Unfortunately by the end of 'MTL' his career was over and we dumped his body in a dustbin.

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