Sound Effects - Computers  

by Matt Hawkins, 25/07/2007
Categories : Sound FX

This is the Sound Effects - Computers sound effects category page.

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All the individual sound effects in this category are listed below :

accessdeniedfemale.wav [26KB]
accessdeniedmale.wav [25KB]
accessgranted2.wav [37KB]
allclear.wav [48KB]
aolfiledone.wav [7KB]
aolgoodbye.wav [5KB]
aolim.wav [10KB]
aolinactive.wav [22KB]
aolpictures.wav [14KB]
aolwelcome.wav [13KB]
banneropen.wav [16KB]
bleep_01.wav [5KB]
bleep_02.wav [5KB]
bleep_03.wav [4KB]
bleep_04.wav [2KB]
bleep_05.wav [4KB]
bleep_06.wav [11KB]
bleep_07.wav [1KB]
codered.wav [37KB]
computer.swf [6KB]
computerbeep1.wav [4KB]
computerbeep2.wav [2KB]
computerbeep3.wav [5KB]
computerbeep4.wav [4KB]
dotmatrix.wav [58KB]
dotmatrix2.wav [33KB]
dotmatrix3.wav [5KB]
emergencysystem.wav [190KB]
flyacross.wav [2KB]
flymetal.wav [21KB]
futurebeep.wav [3KB]
futurebeep2.wav [1KB]
futurebeep3.wav [1KB]
goodbyefemale.wav [21KB]
goodbyemale.wav [19KB]
goodmorningfemale.wav [21KB]
gotaproblem.wav [11KB]
gotgas.wav [37KB]
gotmail.wav [9KB]
gotmailrap.wav [17KB]
gotmailrap2.wav [24KB]
gotmega.wav [13KB]
hellobaby.wav [21KB]
hisexy.wav [36KB]
incoming.wav [3KB]
invaliduser.wav [34KB]
modem.wav [60KB]
paintcanclickfast.wav [7KB]
pop1.wav [1KB]
pop2.wav [1KB]
pop3.wav [1KB]
pop4.wav [1KB]
power_down_1.wav [47KB]
power_down_2.wav [13KB]
poweroff.wav [25KB]
poweron.wav [21KB]
sensors.wav [14KB]
sewer.wav [57KB]
shortbeeptone.wav [10KB]
shutdowninprocess.wav [50KB]
thankyoufemale.wav [19KB]
thankyoumale.wav [23KB]
tminus.wav [90KB]
urconnected.wav [28KB]
voicesample.wav [89KB]
welcomefemale.wav [18KB]
welcomewindows2k.wav [52KB]
windows2kgoodbye.wav [99KB]
xpgoodbye.wav [92KB]

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