Meet The Locals (MTL, 1997)  

by Matt Hawkins, 16/06/2007
Categories : Matts Films

Genre : Science Fiction - Comedy Run Time : 30 minutes

Summary : In 1997 a drunk student was kidnapped by aliens from the badlands of Southern England. He was promptly experimented on and returned to his friends in Kent. After dying as a result of the medical experimentation his friends vowed to avenge his death. After being turned away by the police ... and abandoned by the authorities they decided to take the law in to their own hands. This was going to be the weekend the scum-sucking aliens from space finally got to Meet The Locals.

Cast and Crew : Adam Carrivick, Ian Chance, Matt Hawkins, Phil Hawkins, Simon Horton, Oliver Jauncey, Mark L, Kuhan Sivathasan

Additional Info :

They came, they saw, they met the locals ...

A subtle blend of power tools, aliens and maggots.

This was our second film shot during 1997 through to 2000. It originally started out with the basic idea that we wanted to make a film "with aliens". Coupled with the fact that Chimpboy (see Cast and Crew) had an acting style that required a special part and the rest, as they say, is history.

Due to the original team now living in different parts of the country things were much harder to organise than during the filming of GUTS.

Other titles considered were 'The Kent Alien Massacre' and 'Deep Insicion'.

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