Government Undercover Tactical Squad (GUTS, 1995)  

by Matt Hawkins, 15/06/2007
Categories : Matts Films

Genre : Action - Crime Run Time : 27 minutes

Summary : In the future the world is a very different place. Large cities have given way to deserts and civilization is concentrated in an oasis in the northern hemisphere.

Global conflict has resulted in peace and security becoming things of the past. Crime escalates on a daily basis and conventional law enforcement techniques are useless.

With the emergence of a ruthless new terrorist organisation called the 'Chaos Clan' only one thing stands in the way of total anarchy ... The Government Undercover Tactical Squad.

Cast and Crew : Ian Chance, Matt Hawkins, Phil Hawkins, Simon Horton, Oliver Jauncey, Mark L, Kuhan Sivathasan

Additional Info : The first film shot mainly in Kent, 1995. The first edit just wasn't right due to a lack of decent editing equipment. So in 1997 the film was re-edited completely with a new soundtrack and the Special Edition was born.

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