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by Matt Hawkins, 06/12/2005
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Here are some film tips that you may find useful. They were written back in the days of VHS and Video8 but are just as applicable to High Definition and the wonders of digital!

- Write a script. You need a basis to build on or you will end up with a load of footage that doesn't hold together.

- Keep your first project small (<15 minutes) to test your film making techniques. GUTS was 30mins long and took lots of time to complete.

- Write down what footage is on each tape as you go along. This is extremely useful later on and is time well spent. Trust me !

- Use a tripod. Hand-held shots usually look poor when viewed later on.

- Avoid fancy effects available on your camcorder. It is easy to over-use them and they look tacky once the novelty has worn off. Concentrate on well filmed footage and dialogue.

- Zoom - Can be useful but only in a small number of cases. Think carefully before using it.

- Things that look great through the view finder often look rubbish when viewed later on a TV. Be careful and check your footage regularly just in case you need to re-film something.

- Stick to filming in good natural light. A poorly lit scene will result in a grainy image.

- Take about the film with your 'crew'. If every understands what the aim is and how you are going to do it then your actual filming will go much smoother ... and be a higher quality.

- Have fun. If you can't look back 10 years later with your mates, say "do you remember when ..." and all burst out laughing then you might as well not bother. Let Hollywood make the global blockbusters. Home film making is about something far more personal.

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