Top 8 Free Stock Footage Clip Sites  

by Matt Hawkins, 24/03/2012
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When making low-budget films stock footage can help you save time and money. Free stock footage isn't easy to find unless you use our guide to the top sites to get completely free stock video clips.

Lots of clips are advertised as "Royalty Free" but these still cost money. They just don't require you to pay every time you use them. What we want is free to obtain and free to use in our projects.

The best site for keeping up to date with the latest free stock footage is However, if you need a quick hit take a look at the selection below.

These sites all offer clips that are free to download and do not have fees for using. Perfect.
This site has a good collection of explosions, fire, smoke, debris, sparks and flames. The clips are generally in standard DV resolution.
This site aims to be the number one destination for film makers looking for free clips. They have broadcast quality video footage in almost every category and the clips have a preview.
This site has a mixed range of Full HD clips for free download. There are over 250 clips spread over 15 pages.
This site specialises in video clips from around the World, featuring different locations and cities. The clips have previews and the downloads are usually in MOV format.
This site contains loads of videos and animations from the Hubble Space Telescope project. They are available in a range of sizes and are free to use as long as you credit the project.
This site provides lots of computer generated video clips on a range of topics, all free to download in high quality. It includes digital video that could be used in video backgrounds or multimedia presentations.
As you can probably guess the Nasa video archive contains video clips relating to the shuttle programme, satellites, space and rocket launches. It also includes some interviews with Nasa employees and celebrities.
The Internet Archive stock footage collection has been created with many public domain clips or video files submitted by the website users. The footage is covered by various creative commons licenses but is free to download.

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