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by Matt Hawkins, 13/02/2012
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If you need some ID card props for your low budget movie then use our identity card creator to save time and effort. Upload your
actor photo and create an identification card easily in seconds.

generic_id_card.pngThe creator includes a number of background templates. You can then define some text (such as name and date of birth) which is then overlaid on top.

Simply download the image and print onto paper or thin card and laminate.

Here is a link to the online tool :
MattHawkins Online Film Prop ID Card Creator

Note 1 :
This tool is for the creation of film props. The cards only need to look good on camera for a few seconds. They are not meant to stand up to any scrutiny and as such contain a limited amount of detail. The layout and designs are pure fiction. I have no wish to improve the level of accuracy as it is simply not required for film use.

Note 2 :
The creation of ID film props is not a crime. What is a crime is attempting to use false identification documents to misrepresent yourself. If you use this tool irresponsibly then expect to get arrest, put in prison and touched up by your cell mate.

Here are some scaled down examples produced by the tool :

Generic Orange Tinted Card :

TV inspired "CTU" card :

"Robocop" inspired "OCP" card :

I will refine the existing templates and some new ones if people find this feature useful.

Avoid sites selling "fake id" or "novelty id" cards. Many of these sites will simply take your money and laugh in your face. Far better to make your own to match your script without paying a fortune for pointless levels of detail you don't need for camera work.

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