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by Matt Hawkins, 06/09/2011
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I've had various websites online ever since the days of GeoCities. During that time I've often come across the sites of other people blessed with the name Matt Hawkins (or Matthew to our mothers).

It's always interesting to see what people with the same name are doing with their time.

In a pointless exercise I can't quite explain but I decided to list those sites here as a salute to my namesakes around the World!
My main website originally created as a home for the camcorder films I made with my friends during the 1990s. It has evolved over time and I try to fill it with information useful to people creating low-budget movies, soundtracks, props and special effects. It also hosts my film making forum which has ruffled a few feathers in its time. The whole site is also accessible via

The website of artist Matthew Hawkins which showcases some of his illustrated works produced between 2006 and 2010. It represents work created for clients in the design industries and reflects a broad spectrum of influences and disciplines. He works in London and Paris, with a studio in East London and currently works as a senior lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts.

Matt Hawkins was a young star of the short track world of motorsport. Unfortunately he lost his life after an incident involving an accidental gun discharge in Georgia. He was born in DeKalb Co., GA on Jan. 12, 1988 and departed on Feb. 14, 2009.

Matthew A. Hawkins is the owner and operator of Hawkins Media & FilmAds. He has an interest in the art of film and using it to tell a story. He is an award winning director and producer and enjoys the creative process. His awards include two national awards, one with Ford and Cineplex and the other with Discovery World HD, with honourable mentions with a Vancouver Canucks video contest.

Matt C Hawkins works at a law firm doing electronic data discovery, light computer forensics, and various tasks related to the legal practice of litigation. He also plays guitar, doing various computer tasks, and continuing to expand his music collection. As a father he also has to spend time attending tea parties and playing 'hide and go seek'. It's a hard life!

The owner of MyLifeInPrint is a photographer, who lives in a small-ish village with his wife and three cats.
He specilises in photography that involves other people or animals including weddings, portraits and landscapes. He is originally from Harwich, in Essex, but moved to Yorkshire in 2005. This Matt Hawkins is the only one who mentions cats.


This Matt Hawkins is a Cartoonist from Kansas City, United States. His website features various paper-craft designs and other pieces of paper-based art.

Hawkins Custom Woodcraft carries out work involving all aspects of woodworking. This includes
kitchens, custom cabinetry, decking and window and door installations.


It's surprising the percentage of Matt Hawkins' who appear to have a heavy interest, if not passion, about creative activities. Film, digital media, photography, illustration and woodworking. I was disappointed cats only got a mention once but I can't have everything! There have been studies to suggest your name can influence your personality, interests and career. Maybe it's true?

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