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Welcome to my low budget film and movie making site. Here you will find tutorials, guides and sound effects for your projects as well as information on my films. The site aims to help other low budget amateur film makers by passing on advice and information relating to writing, shooting, editing and DVD production of home movie masterpieces! Not forgetting sound and special effects.

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Download Convert YouTube Video (WinX HD)

This tutorial explains how you can download and convert YouTube Videos using WinX HD Video Converter. Great for playing on portable media devices such as iPhones, iPads and Google Nexus devices.

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How To Join MP4 Files Using MP4Joiner

If you need to join together a number of MP4 files you can use the free and easy to use MP4Joiner utility by Alex Thuring.

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Encoding Video for the HTC One S

The HTC One S is one of HTC's new Smartphones. It fits between the One X and One V. It boasts an 8 megapixel camera and a 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED display. Here are some tips on encoding video.

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Firewire to USB Cables - Users Beware

If like me you've got a camcorder with a firewire port you are probably thinking it would be cool to connect to your PC via a USB port. Surely there must be a cable that does this?

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Top 8 Free Stock Footage Clip Sites

When making low-budget films stock footage can help you save time and money. Free stock footage isn't easy to find unless you use our guide to the top sites to get comletely free stock video clips.

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Google 3D Warehouse Models in Blender

The Google 3D Warehouse contains thousands of models for use in Google Earth and Google Sketch Up. It is also possible to use these models in your Blender projects.

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Prop Money - How to Fake Movie Currency

So your film requires a stack of money and you aren't a movie mogul just yet so you need prop cash. Here is a guide on how you can complete your film without getting put in prison for counterfeiting.

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Blender Origin - Moving Objects Origin

The origin of most objects is the middle but it is sometime easier to work with an object if the origin is a corner. This tutorial shows you how you can easily move the origin of an object.

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Blender Backgrounds - Adding Backgrounds

One of the first things I wanted to do with Blender was include an image in the background. It wasn't easy to find a simple explanation of how to do this. Here is a quick guide to adding images.

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Blender Text - Create 3D Text

It is simple when you know how but I found it quite a challenge to work out how to create some simple 3D shaded text in Blender. Many of the tutorials assumed too much or were too complicated.

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