How To Make A Cheap Steadycam (#2)  

by Matt Hawkins, 29/01/2005

There are several commercial camcorder stabilizer options, which range from approximately $200 on up. You can also make one yourself for about $30 plus a weekend of work with some hand tools. It won't look as professional as the commercial products, but it works pretty well ...

Other steady-cam pages: my design was inspired by Chris Santucci's XL1 stabilizer, although I did the pivot/gimble a bit differently. Steven-Marc Couchouron has another design at (in French, but the photos tell the story). You don't actually need a pivot: Gaby Kafka contributed a simpler design, see below, and the UVA Film Club has a simple, rugged design. To quote their page, "getting good results is not so much about the equipment but how you use it. That's really true about everything."

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