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This category contains articles relating to video editing, conversion and other file format re-encoding.

Split Or Cut AVI Files With VirtualDub

If I need to split an AVI file into smaller parts then VirtualDub is my application of choice. Its small, simple and free. It can be used to cut all popular AVI formats including DivX, XVID and DV.

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Uninstall & Remove Adobe CS4

The Adobe CS4 Clean Script will help resolve installation problems by cleaning up install records for previous installations of Adobe Creative Suite 4 or indivual products.

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Download Adobe CS4 Product Trials

Although Adobe is currently selling Creative Suite version 5 (CS5). If you want to try out version 4 (CS4) you need to know where to look to obtain the trial download links.

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Encoding Video For The HTC Desire Phone

The HTC Desire is a Smartphone capable of playing a wide range of multimedia formats. The following guide will explain how to encode video to playback on the HTC Desire.

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