My notorious speech at the 'Eat the Music' Event!

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My notorious speech at the 'Eat the Music' Event!

Post by Lawriejaffa » Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:58 pm

There was recently a battle of the bands competition held at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy - (during the evening) while in the afternoon was a 'industry conference' based on getting bands to engage in making a success of themselves etc.

It wasn't a serious affair (it was all sponsored by charities and the audience comprised mostly of teenagers) - (none of the participating bands were there in the afternoon) - all appeared at night etc.

Now the interesting part is a debate that followed after each of us on this panel spoke to our audience. I was there to talk about why i thought music videos were important and a great opportunity for bands selling their own work etc especially through the net.

However after sitting for an hour listening to the other folks give Pep talks (that touched on nothing industrial) I ended up giving a speech which nearly got me lynched!!! muhaha

Anyway unfortunately this isnt an edit of the whole thing (we mostly recorded my speech in case it made a good promo... haha the irony of that!) and missed a lot of what others said (we've got illustrative examples included though hehe.)

More details to follow!

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