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Filmic Apearance

Post by alex_cas » Wed May 30, 2012 8:35 am

Hey Guys,

Remember me? (windogmassey)

I haven't seen you lot in years since the website was closed. Hope everyone is well.

Doin a uni short film; a voice over of a guy walking down the street. My question is as, say, Limitless, the walking scenes are definitely filmic and not at all like walking scenes you would find on a student video on youtube.

I have a good idea of what factors separate the professional and amateur pieces, but I am looking for some real implementation ideas. I have an XL2 or a Xa10 available to shoot on, one is HD while the other has a better lens. Which should I use? I am also trying to get hold of a DSLR to use a 35mm lens.

Do pipe up with ideas and comments anyway, I am really trying to nail this and finally get away from the youtube-student appearance that so many short films have.

Cheers guys, take care

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