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Home Theater Guide

Post by Radiate » Tue Apr 12, 2005 10:08 pm

To have the best possible Home Theater:

-Make sure that your room is full of "puffy" objects, It should not be all wood with fold-out chairs. It should have big oversized couches with lots of blankets etc......(to absorb the sound.)
-Choose a quiet room with lots of insulation.(to absorb the sound.)
-It doesn't matter what size the TV is as long as it suits you and fits in your budget. For brands either get Sony or JVC-those are the best. But how much light you have in the room depends on how big your TV is. For a 36" TV you should have a dim light shining on the wall behind the TV.(or in the back of the room.) For a 60" TV you can have all of the lights turned off. For anything smaller than 20" you should really have all of the lights on(otherwise there will be a lot of straining on the eyes.) If you have a projector you can also have all of the lights turned off.-the farther back you put it the bigger the screen you'll have.
-For the speakers, I would say get anything but KLH or some other really cheap brand. A lot of people think that Bose is the "best," but it's really not. There are a lot of brands that have way better sound than Bose. Some Sony is good, You'll just have to look around a bit, read consumer reports etc...... Anyway, you should have the center or channel speaker on top of or below the screen -it should be centered. Then two speakers on both sides of the screen. They should be at the same height as your ears when you are sitting down as if you were going to watch a movie. Same with the speakers that will go on the sides of the back of the room. Last we have the subwoofer, That can go anywhere really, depending on the shape of the room. Try putting it next to TV screen, you may have to move it around a little bit until you think it has the best sound possible.
You can decide what kind of DVD player to get depending on where you live(they make them different all over.) Same with VCR's etc.....
You can have it installed professionally, or you could do it yourself, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. Have fun!
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