Safety Man- script Competition

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Safety Man- script Competition

Post by ctbullet » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:10 pm

i saw a thread named script competition but couldn't be bothered to read it all so thought i'd post this short script i wrote a while back, i find it amusing, might make it one day but i'm interested to see if anyone else can do it, you'll need an gd actor for the lead

Its kind of an ironic moral story, no matter how hard you try to help or please people your effort is never enough!

Safety Man

safety man "hello, sir, excuse me sir!"

"could i interest you in a saftey procedure leaflet- its free"

man ignores safety man

"oh and by the way do you realise how dangerous it is to have an
open flame in a public area"

man takes lighter to leaflet

safety man: "aahhh, FIRE, FIRE,"

man walks off laughing

safety man running round fantically

safety man ", what do i do, ok think back to your training"

safety man reaches into holster, lifts out water pistol and begins squirting

fades out

Next scene!

gang of teenagers walk past safety man

saftey man quickly jumps infront of them to protect them from the road

arms extended he replies

safety "your welcome"

gang member1 "what was that?

safety man "oh, nothing!"

gang member1 "better had been"

gang member then grabs safety man and thrusts him into the road and pulls him back

gang member1 "saved your life"

saftey man "aaaaooohhh, holy, mother of zeus"

gangs runs off laughing

safety man falls to knees and begins to cry!

3rd scene

old woman walking along pathway

safety man " careful there love, those bags look heavy, let me help you?"

lady " aahh, what are you doing, thief thief!"

safety man "no no, i'm just helping you"

lady "thats what you want me to think, you little scum bag"

lady "thief thief"

man comes running over to help

safety man sees charging man

safety man drops bags and runs for his life

shot of safety man in bushes, sees man run past

4th scene

safety man sees a little girl running

safety "hey hey, slow down little girl or you'll hurt yourself!"

girl keeps running then trips in front of safety man

girl cuts knee and bursts into tears

safety man runs over

"oh dont cry, its ok"

"look, if we put a plaster on then everything is better"

safety man applies plaster to girls knee

girls mum comes rushing over shouting and screaming


safety man "excuse me"


woman rushes over guns blazing and hits safety man in the face with her purse

safety man "what the hell lady, jesus!"

safety man gets hit again

safety man then gets up and runs away

5th scene

safety sits down eating lunch

saftey man "Alright, thats it, where the hell is my dunker?"

no passers by, saftey man talkers to himself

safety man "this sucks, can life get any worse, first
the granny now my diarylea dunker, what
is up with the universe"

safety man "argh screw this, i give up"

safety man gives up safety job walks across the road and gets hit by a car

he flips and hits the floor, after dusting himself off he carries on walking off into the sunset

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